5 star review on Amazon!

I have my first review on Amazon, and it's a 5 star! Here is the review, and a link to the book page will be below:

Sadly, this journey is over and even though the author ended on a note that didn't leave you hanging, it was still difficult to let it go. From the betrayal of Chloe to the desperate acts at saving her daughter's life, Megan proved herself to be a strong and a very likeable protagonist. This last installment picks up right after Megan comes to from her capture by her "best friend" Chloe. It's always a perfect twist when the villain needs the protagonist so badly that the protagonist is able to have some form of control. And that's exactly what happens here. Without Megan, Chloe can't accomplish her wicked goal and Megan uses this to her advantage. When John shows up midway through the story, you feel that sense of relief that Megan now has some help and the fight for her and her daughter's life now has a bigger team for Chloe to contend with. Robert J Hamilton once again does an incredible job with detail when it comes to the futuristic backdrop and the atmospheric changes with the different planets they are on. This author doesn't skimp on letting the readers know what these characters are experiencing. This is why I can completely visualize this book series on TV, such as Netflix or Amazon streaming. This is a fast read that you won't want to put down. There were two major things that happened in this book that will shock you. Which is what a reader wants!

To purchase my book, please click on the book cover below, and happy reading!

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