End times are coming... or is it my book?! Yes!

The third and final installment of the Revelations trilogy, From Dawn to Dusk, is soon to be released. Yes, it has been some time since my last post. A lot has happened, such as moving house and increasing hours at work, family commitments and the like, but slowly, my third and final book was coming together.

It's had its editing. It's had its proofread. It's had minor errors that the editor and proofreader missed that I was luckily enough to catch last minute before submitting, but it is done. It's extremely hard to let go of a book for fear that you missed a full stop, a comma, a quote mark, or even spelt someone's name wrong. The thing I caught last minute (and randomly) was the name Koemans, (Admiral Nicolaas Koemans). I had written the possessive form as Koeman's ... That would be like writing Mars as Mar's. His name ended in an S so I was meant to write it as Koemans's. Silly me!

Now, the cover art work is being made, and very soon, it will be released. At this stage, I am hoping for late July or sometime in August when it actually is available to read. Now to try and make more use of Twitter and promote this book....

The end times are coming!

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