Editing with Pro Writing Aid

I would have to say that the editing tool 'Pro Writing Aid' more than pays for itself when it comes to the editing phase of the manuscript. Having completed my first draft and even after re-reading through my story twice over to fix plot holes or make basic grammar improvements, there is still SO MUCH that my eyes couldn't see. Pro Writing Aid however, can.

It is not something that can replace a professional editor, but sending the cleanest, most polished manuscript to your editor can have them focus on other details of your story and in the end, your editing costs can end up cheaper, and have that story of yours a whole lot better which can make buying Pro Writing Aid great value for money.

If you want your story to be the best it can be, check out this software and everything it can do at https://prowritingaid.com/

One of my favourite things to use it for is its 'Repeats' check, as I'll show you a sneak peak at a sample of my draft below. As I said earlier, I read over my manuscript twice, and even I couldn't see how often I repeated words and phrases. Look how many times I wrote 'door' and 'wore' for instance, and 'her little girl' was used twice in such a short space from each other. Well, time to fix!

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