Editing complete! And the importance of proofreading...

April 13, 2017

Wow. It has been some adventure to get to this point. Writing, re-writing, even scrapping a chapter only to re-write it anew. It has been difficult, and at times, frustrating. Finally, I can now put it down and relax.




So what's happening now? As this book has gone through many rounds of editing, it now needs a fresh set of eyes to proofread it in its final format, to make sure everything makes sense. You see, in my first book, Revelations - Far From Earth, John Russell, the captain, was about to set foot on the Zuravorn home-world. Megan Knight says to him, 'You're about to set foot on your first exoplanet'.




That was true when I first wrote the story. It was the first planet he was about to walk on since his arrival to the Andromeda galaxy. But through all my rounds of edits, I added a scene where he visits the Redovan home-world, the first planet he encounters in the story and completely forgot about this dialogue between him and Megan, making it now a continuity error. Lesson learned - hire a proofreader.


Just so you know, however, that little mistake has now been fixed for the ebook, and for any print versions that are freshly made to order. So, Revelations - The Cost of Foresight won't be too much longer now!


Haven't read the first book? Book a ride to Andromeda on the Starship Destiny, and see where it takes you...




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