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As a person who loves the physical book, I think my cover suits really well. I had created a nice emblem for the fictional 'Sol System Alliance' organisation for my book, Revelations, and stuck it on the back so that doesn't look too boring. But what for the people who prefer the electronic book?

They are missing out now. I also have the added problem where Amazon only lets me use one image for my book cover, so my nice emblem isn't known to anyone unless someone actually buys and receive the physical paperback or hardcover book.

Now I look at the front cover, and it just looks a little plain - like it's missing something. And there it is, the top left corner. Something could go there and pretty it up a little. So that's where I thought my emblem could go and most importantly, be seen. Here is the before and after:

So now I am happy with that. Will it generate more sales? Maybe, not sure. I should have everything finalised with Amazon and the like in the next week or two. So now for the people buying the ebook, I am thrilled they will see and have the emblem, and can even picture it in their minds when I describe the logo on the character's uniforms or on a building.

For those buying the physical book, the emblem will not actually be on the front cover, but will be displayed more prominently on the back. If you are interested in buying my book, please click on the SSA emblem below to purchase your copy. Thanks for reading!

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