Far From Earth of the Revelations series is the first of a trilogy I have released. Here on this page, you can find the picture of the book, read the blurb, and a link to order your copy.


You will also find my official book trailer - filled with music, action, motion, and includes a professional voice over artist so it looks and feels just like a movie trailer, (92 seconds in length). In other words, this isn't just some slide show with nothing more than a background image and some text flashing. A lot of effort went into making this one, so I hope you enjoy it.

Front and back cover for Revelations - Far From Earth
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How far would you travel to save the Earth?

Captain John Russell and the crew of the Starship Destiny are sent on a mission to deliver one hundred colonists to Mars, with a secret secondary objective - to prepare for and annihilate a religious cult, known as the Dawn of Revelations, whose sole purpose is to destroy humanity, and possibly the world.

While on route, Destiny is flung far into the Andromeda galaxy, millions of light years from home. There, they make a remarkable discovery - that mankind is not alone in the universe. Surround by strange peoples - both friends and foes - John and the crew of the Destiny must find a way back home and stop the Dawn of Revelations from destroying Earth, before it's too late.

Book Trailer
Sample Chapter
Revelations - Far From Earth is available to order! Click the button below to purchase.

I would like to thank Sarah Norton from WordsRU for her time and devotion in editing this story, and the team at Book Stylings for their help in creating the book cover and trailer.

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