Revelations - The Cost of Foresight is the second book released of the trilogy. Here you will find a picture of the book cover, the blurb, and a link to purchase through Amazon.

Front and back cover for Revelations - The Cost of Foresight

Accept the future, or fix the past?

Captain John Russell returns to the Milky Way in order to resume his mission to stop the fanatical Dawn of Revelations cult from unleashing the apocalypse upon the Earth. However, he soon discovers that he has arrived centuries too late.

Knowing he is the last hope to save billions of lives, John risks everything to return to his own time and finish the war before it even begins. But John has another challenge to face - the possibility that one of his own crew may be secretly working for the enemy. . . .

Revelations - The Cost of Foresight is available to order! Click the button below to purchase.

Many thanks again to Sarah Norton from WordsRU for editing this story, and the team at Bookstylings for creating the book cover.

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