Founded in 2120, the Sol System Alliance (SSA) replaced NASA after it befell to terrorism by the Dawn of Revelations (DOR) in 2111. Gabriel Locke, former head of Scientology turned Revelationist is believed to be leading the religious cult. This story takes place in 2174, where the DOR are soon to take their fight to Earth.


From the Starship Destiny:


John Russell - Captain

Megan Knight - First Officer

Sergei Yakov- Pilot

Zack Robyn - Sensory and Information Manager

Bruce Maddox - Chief Security Officer

Valentina Gagliardi - Security Officer (book two)

Traci Vidler - Security Officer (book two)

Eddy - Bridge Relay Officer and Ground Team Leader

Angela Elexis - Chief Medical Officer

Akira Asato - Assistant Medical Officer

Harvey Munro - Chief Engineer

Chloe Matthews - Assistant Engineer 

Jordan Barbaro - Assistant Engineer

Gary - Chef


Admiral Nicolaas Koemans

Admiral Dirk Van Luin (book two)


From Andromeda:


The Redovan - Captain Ghoblar, her crew - Maganes, and Toblar

The Zuravorn - Commander Zultch

The Farswar - Commander Klinjo

The Zealoks - Guardians of the Farswar


Planets / Worlds Featured:



The Redovan home world

Zura - Former home world of the Zuravorn

Zynn - Current home world of the Zuravorn

Hydrix - Home world of the Farswar (pictured)

An unknown world orbiting a black hole

Tardigrade home world (book two)

Yandar home world (book two)

Titan (book three)

Sedna (book three)


The Dawn of Revelations


Gabriel Locke - Leader

Tyler James - Holy Crusader

Magnus (Magnetic) Storm - Dawn operative

Elijah - Dawn operative on Earth

Zara Knight - Daughter of Megan Knight  





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